Saturday, June 04, 2005

Josh's lappy from God

Praise the Lord! "Thank you" to all of you who were praying for and/or gave towards my need for a laptop. A friend from Boise gave me a used laptop back in April, and I was able to use it to catch up on many things during my last month of school! I was even able to put together my Missionary Portfolio! (I will share this with people who want to know, "What in the world are you doing anyways Josh?") That laptop was such a blessing! Praise the Lord.

When I talked to the Language School in Missouri, they told me that I needed something a bit "bigger" for the software we would be using in the Fall and that I might need a different computer. To my amazement, just after I finished school, God provided another laptop through a dear friend...this time a brand new Toshiba!!...and plenty "big" for what I need! I will use this laptop for all my newsletters and updates, as well as powerpoints to share the ministry of NTM with churches and camps, etc. It will be used for all my schoolwork next year and much more. Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who prayed and/or gave.

So here's a picture of "Josh's lappy from God" as it sits on my desk. I took this picture with my new Sony digital camera, which I got an incredible clearance deal on (during my Spring break in California). My three major financial needs right now were a laptop, color printer, and a digital camera. My computer also came with a color printer, so now all three of those have been provided. I want to thank you so much for your generosity in helping to meet those needs (you guys know who you are). Posted by Hello