Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Engaged!!! Here's the story - May 23rd, 2009...

After breakfast at Goldy's...
...and a quick stop at the Rose Garden...

...I took Shannah out to the place where we first met back in 2006.
(Can you tell there was someone hiding in the bushes? Haha.)

Her (belated) one-year present, called "The First Chapter" was a photobook that told the story of our relationship up to the present.

About to start a new chapter.

Shannah just made me the happiest man I've ever known!!!
(I actually proposed with a STRING ring...)

(...then suprised her with a real one.)

Talk about suprises! Just discovered the hidden camera -our friend, Ronda.

BEFORE: This was at breakfast...notice her BARE ring finger? hehehe...

...and AFTER!

Here's the string ring I actually proposed with. 'Course, it's not as sparkly as the real thing.

THE RING: For you ladies...I know this is all you really want to see.

From the side.

The Pollard House

Hmmm...what lies ahead???

Lots of goofiness I'm sure!


(I still remember standing in this very spot & praying, "Oh Lord, please!")

Well, He certainly blew me away, that's for sure!

Thanks so much Ronda for all your help!!!