Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter

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Fall Activities

This is the view from my office window - the fall colors are in full swing! It's hard sitting at a desk when you're lookin' at this all day.

Shannah & I got an itch to make some homemade pumkin pie. We'll be cooking our own food soon, so we figured we'd get some practice in... Went to a farm on Saturday in search of some pumkins...

Here's a start!

At last, here's our pumpkins! Now we just have to remove all the guts & get to work.

Figured, while we're at it, we might as well do a little carving...

She did tigger & I did one in honor of Jesus, my Savior (although, he looks more American than Hebrew). You know, the 31st is also celebrated as "Reformation Day" - when we celebrate the courage & boldness of those who (many years ago) stood against false doctrines & proclaimed the Gospel of Salvation by Faith alone - reminding us that Jesus Christ alone paid our sin debt.
We get to WALK in the victory that He achieved for us! Amen to that!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spirit Week & Field Day

This past week was our Spirit Week at NTBI!!
As you can tell, Monday was Nerd Day... Each day we had a theme, leading up to Friday - Spirit Day - when we all drove to our other NTBI campus in Waukesha, WI for the weekend.
This is my good buddy, David Duron - leading a cheer for our (Jackson) team!
Here's some students getting ready to cheer us on our men's & women's soccer teams!

Shannah & I trying to stay warm - it was a chilly day.

I know I look like I'm about to hit a home-run........but I didn't. :{ I got caught out in Left Field.
I blame the sun for being in my eyes.

It was definitely a highlight visiting my sister Rachael, who is a student at Waukesha. Shannah & Rachael are cheering on our softball team.
Here's our men's soccer team, taking the field.

The men's game was intense! I'm catching my breath on the sidelines.

Before long I was back in the game flying through the air - literally. Remember how last year I nearly got a concussion? Well, this year, I did a little better - but I still managed to get roughed up a bit. That's me in the blue shorts about to get kicked in the head twice-in-one-second. I also had another first -- skidding across the grass on my face on another occasion. And besides nearly destroying my achilles tendon, it was a pretty fun game. I should really lay off soccer.

In the end though, we were victorious (4-3)! So I had a part in beating the team from my own school (I played for Waukesha against Jackson back in '02-'04 when I was a student). I kinda feel like a two-face. But ultimately, the weekend was a wonderful time of fellowship between our students & staff, as we all worship the same God & are part of the same Institution.