Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter

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Fall Activities

This is the view from my office window - the fall colors are in full swing! It's hard sitting at a desk when you're lookin' at this all day.

Shannah & I got an itch to make some homemade pumkin pie. We'll be cooking our own food soon, so we figured we'd get some practice in... Went to a farm on Saturday in search of some pumkins...

Here's a start!

At last, here's our pumpkins! Now we just have to remove all the guts & get to work.

Figured, while we're at it, we might as well do a little carving...

She did tigger & I did one in honor of Jesus, my Savior (although, he looks more American than Hebrew). You know, the 31st is also celebrated as "Reformation Day" - when we celebrate the courage & boldness of those who (many years ago) stood against false doctrines & proclaimed the Gospel of Salvation by Faith alone - reminding us that Jesus Christ alone paid our sin debt.
We get to WALK in the victory that He achieved for us! Amen to that!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spirit Week & Field Day

This past week was our Spirit Week at NTBI!!
As you can tell, Monday was Nerd Day... Each day we had a theme, leading up to Friday - Spirit Day - when we all drove to our other NTBI campus in Waukesha, WI for the weekend.
This is my good buddy, David Duron - leading a cheer for our (Jackson) team!
Here's some students getting ready to cheer us on our men's & women's soccer teams!

Shannah & I trying to stay warm - it was a chilly day.

I know I look like I'm about to hit a home-run........but I didn't. :{ I got caught out in Left Field.
I blame the sun for being in my eyes.

It was definitely a highlight visiting my sister Rachael, who is a student at Waukesha. Shannah & Rachael are cheering on our softball team.
Here's our men's soccer team, taking the field.

The men's game was intense! I'm catching my breath on the sidelines.

Before long I was back in the game flying through the air - literally. Remember how last year I nearly got a concussion? Well, this year, I did a little better - but I still managed to get roughed up a bit. That's me in the blue shorts about to get kicked in the head twice-in-one-second. I also had another first -- skidding across the grass on my face on another occasion. And besides nearly destroying my achilles tendon, it was a pretty fun game. I should really lay off soccer.

In the end though, we were victorious (4-3)! So I had a part in beating the team from my own school (I played for Waukesha against Jackson back in '02-'04 when I was a student). I kinda feel like a two-face. But ultimately, the weekend was a wonderful time of fellowship between our students & staff, as we all worship the same God & are part of the same Institution.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall 2009 Newsletter

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

N. Idaho

Just before I drove back to Michigan, Shannah got to fly up to Montana for my cousin's wedding & we got to spend a week together! I got to take her to Northern Idaho where I grew up & share with her a big part of my life - it was very special. This is where it all started - the church where my grandma came to know Christ & the Beaudin family was changed forever! I'm so thankful for this church body - it's where I grew up & came to know Christ personally!

Hanging out at one of my favorite parks...

We stayed in Post Falls, ID with my good friend Jeff & his wife Shaleah. He took us out on the boat one evening.

Did a little fishing & I caught 2 BIG bass (this was the smaller of the 2)!!

Shannah caught a Northern Pike!!! I've always wanted to catch one of these predator fish, but still never have. She totally outdid me! I'm so proud of her.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Warm Lake Camp

Here's the High School campers & leaders from Warm Lake Conservative Baptist Camp this past week!

Each day we have a "Missions" hour from 11:30-12:30. It's been fun interacting with these high schoolers & supporting God's work in their life to be people who proclaim the Gospel (to the ends of the earth).

Volleyball will keep you on your toes! Just like the Christian Life - never boring!

This is our camp mascot, Octavian! Doesn't he just make you feel like going to camp?
(He's watching you...)

This was our last big rapid on the N. Fork of the Peyette River, "Howard's Plunge!" Shannah was a little bit concerned when I told her I was going white water rafting...again!! (got to go last week in WV) Ya know, all those things you're extra cautious about when you're about to get don't want to take as many risks. Well...the campers made me do it.
And while we only had 4 campers get lost in the river...

...I made it back safe & sound (oh, and so did those other 4 campers).

IFCA National Youth Convention (June 21-26)

What a privilege it was to be a part of the IFCA National Youth Convention this year! (IFCA stands for Independent Fundamental Churches of America)

On behalf of New Tribes Bible Institute, I got the opportunity to represent unreached tribal people & challenge the students to Discover their Role in how they could be a part of reaching tribes with the Gospel. As a missions rep. at the convention, I taught 2 breakout sessions on missions. Had a good response from those who came!

As I counselor, I got to spend the week with these six delegates (Michael, Zach, Trevor, Kyle, Nick, & Matt). Part of their week (& all the students) was intensive Bible quizzing - they've spent all year studying for this! They also participated in other Ministry Training Areas, such as singing, preaching, etc. These guys are from Washington state & Illinois.

I really enjoyed getting to know students like Ryan, who is desiring to go into full-time medical missions. Please PRAY for Ryan & others, that God would raise up laborers from this group to take the Gospel where it's never been.

The Convention was hosted by Appalachian Bible College in Mt. Hope, WV.

What a bonus to be able to join a couple excursions into the New River Gorge!

We had just repelled over a 120 ft cliff!

I got to run a 5K with 2 of my guys (Zach & Trevor). This is an annual event at the IFCA Convention. Trevor did it in under 20 minutes!! Zach & I finished together at just over 21 minutes! I was aiming at under 30 min, so I was happy (staying fit for the mission field)!
Thank you for those of you who prayed for this event! What a joy it has been to see God work in the lives of these students & to encourage them in their pursuit of Him. Some have already expressed a desire to serve Him on the foreign mission field!!! Praise the Lord!

NTM Enrichment Conference - June 15-19

The NTM Enrichment Conference was a highlight for this year! God opened a door for me to go to the conference this past month (for New Tribes Missionaries), held in Roach, Missouri at our Missionary Training Center. I was able to help out with the high school group (about 90 of them!). Greg Speck was the speaker for the youth - he did a great job challenging our hearts as we seek to walk with God & live out the Christian Life.
I had the privilege of leading the Music (worship/praise) times for the High School group with my good buddy, Ben Brown. Thanks Ben!

On Thursday night, everybody gets together for a youth & family service. We put together a youth band & led the music for the whole group. Oh was a beautiful thing it was to be drowned out by this crowd of missionaries!! You should've heard it.

Here's the group (about 350 of them). Some of these are missionaries home for the year on furlough, some are US Missionaries serving at our training centers & headquarters. And then there were some who are still in the process of finishing training & heading overseas.

The last morning (Friday), it's customary for the worship leaders to wear an apron. I used mine as a cape.

It was also special to see some of my guys from Camdenton First Baptist Church who I got to know when I served their youth group back in 2005-06. (Curtis, Jaron, & Sam)

Another annual custom for the youth is to have a flour fight. Don't know what year it started, but it's just as messy every year!
So why do I share this crazy conference week with you? Because many of these teens will be taking the gospel to the ends of the earth - many of them are sold out to Jesus Christ & are already committed to taking the gospel where it's never been. These missionary kids have my respect & my prayers as they finish high school & continue to pursue God's direction for their lives. Will you pray with me for them -that they would grow to be spiritual champions?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Engaged!!! Here's the story - May 23rd, 2009...

After breakfast at Goldy's...
...and a quick stop at the Rose Garden...

...I took Shannah out to the place where we first met back in 2006.
(Can you tell there was someone hiding in the bushes? Haha.)

Her (belated) one-year present, called "The First Chapter" was a photobook that told the story of our relationship up to the present.

About to start a new chapter.

Shannah just made me the happiest man I've ever known!!!
(I actually proposed with a STRING ring...)

(...then suprised her with a real one.)

Talk about suprises! Just discovered the hidden camera -our friend, Ronda.

BEFORE: This was at breakfast...notice her BARE ring finger? hehehe...

...and AFTER!

Here's the string ring I actually proposed with. 'Course, it's not as sparkly as the real thing.

THE RING: For you ladies...I know this is all you really want to see.

From the side.

The Pollard House

Hmmm...what lies ahead???

Lots of goofiness I'm sure!


(I still remember standing in this very spot & praying, "Oh Lord, please!")

Well, He certainly blew me away, that's for sure!

Thanks so much Ronda for all your help!!!