Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mexico Ministry

These past two weeks, we've been able to go into Juarez with the outreach teams from International Family Missions (IFM). Here we're visting a men's rehab center...these men are recovering from alcohol and drug addictions and many of them come to faith in Christ during this time. This man also came to visit and brought his guitar. These men love to sing! We are singing a favorite song (in Spanish of course).

When men come into the rehab center, they go three days "cold turkey" right off the bat. This is Ra'el (Ry-el). He is in his first day at the center and is trembling from withdrawls from an intense alcohol addiction. We are smiling, because as we sat with Rael, prayed for him and comforted Him, we knew there is great hope for his recovery. Please pray for Rael. He is in the midst of this battle to be free from alcohol.

Here we're walking through a colonia inviting families to come to the church just down the street. We shared a meal with them, had fun activities for the kids, visited with them and helped them connect with the pastor who is there to serve them.

It was special for Shannah and I to be able to share some praise songs with the group in Spanish. How beautiful it was to see these families from Colorado (parents and young children) living out the gospel by ministering to the poor, the widows, and the orphans in this city that so desperately needs Jesus. The same can be said about many of our cities.

Are we sharing His love with those around us at home?

Kendra, Shannah, & Kayla Pryor (sisters) are helping these older folks find a pair of glasses that might help them to see better. The team brought the glasses down with them.

Kayla is holding a Bible up for this lady to read as they test out a pair of glasses.

Yeah, they found a pair that worked! They were so greatful! Who'd of thought we'd be able to help share the gift of sight with these people.

This man's name is Arelio. God used him to challenge & impact some of the team members in a powerful way! He is a dear, sweet brother in Christ who has been through more trials than most of us will ever face. He's lost everything, but He has Christ and His joy is contagious! He has bad athsma and couldn't come into the service, so we were able to go to him and sing for him (we sung, "This is the Air I Breath").

A couple of the ladies went and picked up a prescription for him from 2 months ago! They brought him inhalors and antibiotics. Imagine not being able to breath, because you can't get to the pharmacy! Wow.

If you'd like to know how you can take your family on a missions trip (kids and all), check out IFM's website:

How we live...

Just got the fence up for the dogs. They call this the "Straw-bale house," because the outside walls were built with kidding! Pretty cool.

See, there's a hole in the wall in the kitchen, so you can look in and say, "No way! It really is straw-bales!"

Here's probably the biggest house in Fabens, TX. It's for sale and even has some grass.

And then here's the average place in Juarez, Mexico (just a few miles away).

This is a colonia that we visited a couple days ago. Typical...houses start out made from wooden pallets or whatever's available. Cinderblock houses are a bit nicer, because they keep out the dust a little better. When was the last time you complained about the house you live in? Puts things in perspective. Especially when you meet some of these people and they're much happier/content than people in the USA. I suppose happiness isn't found in stuff.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Moving Friends to Texas

This is the Pryor Family, some really good friends of mine.
(Oldest to youngest: Mark & Candi, Audra, Kendra, Shannah, Kayla, David, Leah, Sarah, Jenna)

I just got to help them move their family down here to Fabens, Texas. They are serving in full-time ministry with International Family Missions, working in Juarez, Mexico. I'm staying with them for most of this month, helping them to get settled in. Seven of their kids came with them, so there's a lot to do to get settled!
Check it out! A double rainbow on the day they left! Looks like God's promise to the Pryors never to drown them in ministry, but always allow them to flourish!

Gettin' ready to go...we had two minivans (one pulling a trailer), Big van pulling travel trailer, and big Uhaul pulling cargo trailer!!! Our trip began at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 5th.

I got to drive the big Uhaul from Boise to Moab, Utah. Shannah was my navigator. Woot woot! Here was a treat! to stop and see one of my greatest friends and mentours, Russ Anderson, in Salt Lake City on our way through.

We stopped along the way to see Arches National Park near Moab. Pretty cool!

Seein' the sights!

This place rocks!

This little guy is called "Delicate Arch"...glad we didn't break it.

Here's a cool picture of "The Fleet" (most of it)

We only had one "hiccup" on the way down...the Aerostar just decided not to run anymore. We all felt that way at least once or twice, so I guess I can't blame it. Anyways, after a couple breakdowns near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico (yep, it's really a town), it ran fine the last 150 miles.
We finally made it into Fabens, TX at 10:00pm on Sunday, June 8th. The work began...

Here's Leah and Shannah taking care of business.

Unloading the truck. You should've seen the dent Kendra put in my side when she hit me with that box!...j/k

Here's Mark (Daddy Pryor) taking a well-earned rest.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Weddings!

April 12th, my "baby" sister Kelsea got married to Brian Rausch. Yeah! Now I have 2 brothers! Only one more to go! My sisters Nicole and Rachael are to the right. On the left is my brother-in-law Ben. I think they're all silly.

Got to go to Missoula with my family on May 30th for my cousin Jacob's wedding!
Here's all the "Beaudin boys" (plus a couple). We did a big round of golf the day after the wedding. Sorry Jacob, you missed a great time!