Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our Wedding

Here's a small look at a few of our pictures from the wedding.

Wedding Party
Shannah's Side: Shannah's 6 sisters, Josh's 3 sisters & Shannah's Good friend
Josh's Side: my dad, my 3 brother-in-laws & 6 of my good buds

Shannah's dad, Mark, did the wedding & we're so glad he did! We'll never forget our ceremony! It was truly a family event!

And now, announcing...!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Brenda, for the amazing cake!!!

Just soaking it up...

Still soaking it up (first dance)...

You should have seen those girls fighting over that bouquet! (way to go Channing!)

I threw 8 garters that I'd caught at previous weddings. Made a bunch of guys happy & cut down on the injuries.

Saying goodbye just before the New Year!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Our Honeymoon

Okay, here's some pictures of our honeymoon to those of you who keep asking (or even if you haven't). Thanks so much for helping to send us on this wonderful getaway! It was such a nice break after all the months of planning, etc. Hope you enjoy these pic's.
What a nice change from the winter storm we had during our wedding! Ahh, Mexico!
We made sure to lay in a hammock every day!

Had a beautiful sunset each night!

We got to watch the Fiesta Bowl -- IN SPANISH!! Go Boise State!!
(Haha - like the colors of our room?)

We got these cool sandals for our wedding from our parents:

"Just Married" ~ Oh yeah...

Pretty relaxing.

Got to go for a sailing excursion on this catamaran.

Beautiful sunny day on the Caribbean! I even got a little bit of a sunburn!
(And in the middle of "winter" - nice!)

Just goofin' around.

Went repelling from this tower.

Hang time!

Isn't she so cool!

Having a blast!

Got to ride these huge ziplines!

Shannah's playin' it cool.

Josh bein' his "normal" self.

I'm such a nerd!

But a happy one, that's for sure!

Went down into the depths of this cave...


It is I, Joshua, King of the Root!

Went snorkeling in these caverns!

It was nice & chilly compared to the Caribbean...72 degrees.

We kept each other warm...

It was so cool!

Finished our adventure by visiting the Maya ruins at Tulum - right on the beach.

The temperature was about 75 degrees all week long - it was perfect!

Passageway into the town...

Here I am......standing by the passageway......outside the Maya ruins......town.

Up over that hill is a beautful beach...

Local wildlife...

I (Josh) felt like a little kid again - fulfilling my childhood dream. I've always wanted to ride one of these water trikes!!!

The food was amazing at the resort where we stayed! This was at a Brazilian restaurant where they served us 6 different kinds of meats!

On our last night we took had dinner & took a stroll at the most expensive section of the resort - called "The Palace" (bet you didn't see that coming).

Felt like royalty!
One last sunset...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October 2009 Newsletter

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Fall Activities

This is the view from my office window - the fall colors are in full swing! It's hard sitting at a desk when you're lookin' at this all day.

Shannah & I got an itch to make some homemade pumkin pie. We'll be cooking our own food soon, so we figured we'd get some practice in... Went to a farm on Saturday in search of some pumkins...

Here's a start!

At last, here's our pumpkins! Now we just have to remove all the guts & get to work.

Figured, while we're at it, we might as well do a little carving...

She did tigger & I did one in honor of Jesus, my Savior (although, he looks more American than Hebrew). You know, the 31st is also celebrated as "Reformation Day" - when we celebrate the courage & boldness of those who (many years ago) stood against false doctrines & proclaimed the Gospel of Salvation by Faith alone - reminding us that Jesus Christ alone paid our sin debt.
We get to WALK in the victory that He achieved for us! Amen to that!