Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family Meeting

Shannah & I flew down to El Paso, TX this week for her Spring Break. My parents were here with a team from my home church, so we got to see them the night before they left.
We swapped parents for this one.
I've missed my daddi-o!

Field Day!!! Jackson takes home the trophy!

Honestly never thought I'd live in the Midwest - until I lived in Wisconsin for two years. And now, Shannah & I are both living in Michigan, just north of the Indiana border. We traveled over to Waukesha, Wisconsin last weekend for our Field Day between our 2 NTBI campuses.
Shannah & I stopped by Awana Headquarters on our way through Chicago. She's never been there, so it was a cool "first" for her. Too bad we didn't get to see Art Rorheim (the founder of Awana). His mentour, Lance Latham, was one of the co-founders of New Tribes Mission. Both are heroes of mine!

Shannah's holding the Zimbabwe flag.
What a blessing!! We got to meet up with Steven Maphosa, the Awana Missionary that I met in Zimbabwe when I went in 2001. He is now the Awana coordinator overseeing all of the African countries. He has been in the States for a month & this was his last day in Chicago before traveling back to Zimbabwe.

Then it was on to Waukesha for Field Day! We competed between the 2 campuses in Volleyball, Basketball & Futsol (indoor soccer on a gym floor)...men's & women's in each. Waukesha was favored to win...but we weren't phased! We brought the house down & swept the board in all but 2 matches.

I got to play on the men's volleyball team (as a middle blocker). Here's a few highlights from the game. Their men's volleyball was their best team, and they beat us by a few points, but it was an epic battle to be sure! And since we won all the rest, we weren't dissappointed.

This is my buddy Andrew who is a student at NTBI Waukesha. It was a lot of fun visiting with students from our other campus, who could be our co-workers on the field some day! I also really enjoyed spending some time with my sister Rachael who is Waukesha as a student.