Saturday, July 28, 2007

Other July Happenings

My buddy Nate was teaching Eric to fly, and they let me come along. Eric did great!

My buddy Jeff and I did some fly fishing up at our college group retreat.

Well of course we caught fish! (I think Jeff snagged this one & I'm just taking credit)

There's Jeff (and Luke in the water)

At our Western BBQ for our youth group, we got to ride a little horseback.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Ever seen Extreme Makover, Home Edition? Well, they did one near Boise, so my sister Rachael and I went for the last part where they shout "Move that bus!!" People keep telling me I remind them of Ty, the hyperactive star of the show...I dunno...I consider myself as a fairly calm and tranquil person...not very talkative either....or typative.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Warm Lake Camp

Just after returning from PNG, I got to go be a "Camp Missionary" for a CBA Jr. High camp up in Warm Lake, Idaho. Nate, the camp director, is a youth pastor and good friend.

Thinking, "This is gonna be COLD!!" j/k

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Saying goodbye's and coming back...

Just before we left PNG, we went on our Interface Sidetrip. What a blessing to meet Roland and other tribal people who now follow Christ and have known the Lord Jesus longer than I have! Missionaries came to them 50 years ago and they have a thriving church. It was hard to leave.

It was also hard to say goodbye to our language helper Stem and friend Michael. These people truly have become a part of my life.

Well, when we finally got on the plane, we got a little shuteye. We had over 20 hours of flying to do. From Goroka to Port Moresby, PNG to Singapore to Tokyo to Los Angeles.

Just before leaving LA, we visited Manhattan Beach, saw the wildlife and then returned to try and catch our 7:30 standby flight.

We weren't able to get on the flight. So we rented a car and drove the 17 hours home. It was cool. We found these Aviators along the way (ironic isn't it).

The 5 of us (Joerg, Meagan, Kristen, Eric, Josh) had a great road trip home, even though we were already jet-lagged from the flights over.

After arriving in Boise, it was finally time to say farewell to my roommate and friend, Eric. He's back off to N. Idaho and then Wisconsin (on staff at NTBI, Waukesha).