Sunday, August 26, 2007

He's Married!!!

My main man Steven, from Boise, just got married!
This is his beautiful bride, Larie.

I got to by Steven his last Bachelor Breakfast EVER!!

As his best man, my job was to hang onto the ring, make sure he didn't get lost, and get his shoes on the right feet. He was so happy, he couldn't even see straight. haha

Do I actually have a picture of a boquet toss on my blog!!??

Well, they got hitched, but they couldn't get out'a there without going through me first (I had the keys).

Monday, August 20, 2007

A little Island Lake

Finally had the opportunity to escape for a night to the mountains of Central Idaho!
Josh, John Veit, Dad, Ben (my brother-in-law)
We hadn't been at the lake more than 10 minutes and Ben pulled this huge rainbow trout out of the water!! Course he was soaked cuz it was raining! (Seems like the first rain we've had all summer.)
What a lunker! Nice one Ben!

Next morning, dad caught a couple. Those guys are good eatin'.
The water is like glass in the morning.

We packed up camp the next morning, and headed back down the trail.

Here's my bro Ben and I.

Dad and John

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Virginia / Maryland

So here's Mt. Ranier in Washington State...somehow it's on the way from Boise to Washington DC. I had to fly through Seattle to get there. Kinda silly. There's actually 4 volcanos in view.

I got to visit with my good buddy Michael in Manassass, VA. He's getting married next month and I'm in his wedding!

We also got to go visit JoAnne Webb in Warrenton, VA. She and her husband Mike are friends of ours from our church in Boise. Mike now serves as CEO of AirServ Intl., a humanitarian flight relief agency (we didn't get to see Mike, since he was in Africa at the time).

I got to visit Christina Owens (good friend from my PNG trip). She lives up north of D.C. Gave me a grand tour of Maryland and the Delaware coast!

At the Baltimore National Aquarium! Cool place...except I got eaten! Swallowed whole! Yup.

....oh - well I just climbed out the back.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey, what are you shooting at?

In early August I got to go share with a church and visit friends in Central Idaho. The Verts are some of my bowhunting buddies. I brought them back a PNG bow, and we did a little practice.

Got to stay with the Lloyds while in Carey, ID! Meagan's cat Rider, is an inquisitive guy.
Hey, where'd he go?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vacation Bible School

As August begun, so did VBS. One of the highlights of this summer was leading the songs for the week with my bro John Page. Boy did we have a good time (the theme was Bethlehem village).

We even got to be a couple wise men in a skit... don't we look....wise???