Monday, October 29, 2007

Last hunting trip

I got to go back up to my home area of N. Idaho for a last hunt with my dad and cousin. It was a refreshing time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. This may be my last hunting trip with my dad before I leave for Brazil & then Africa.

Too late to shoot. Great view though.

My cousin, Nat, my Dad and I (Mom's on the phone)

Dad and I are glassin' the hillside...he makes a good rest...and a great father!

This is my massive Boone & Crocket buck!!! haha Maybe not a trophe, but meat in the freezer. Sharp-shooter - 270 yards
Packed him out piggy-back.

My good buddy Jeff Meyer got to come out with us one day. Jeff and I grew up together in the Silver Valley. We always wanted to hunt together. Good times.

Can you see me now?........... How about now?............Good camo, 'eh.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Wedding - Great Friends - Another Garter - Still Single?

So besides all this traveling, I've taken up a new hobby...being in weddings! One day after getting back from Mozambique, I got on another plane and few to Wisconsin. I got to be a groomsman in Michael & Sabrina's wedding! Thanks guys! I even caught the garter! (that makes like 10 for me now...hmmm, has it helped???...haha)
Michael and I met in Boise, Id where we both worked at as guards at a waterpark. We used to wear sunglasses and blow our whistles all day long.
Left to right: Josh (just a guy in a tux), Michael (groom's cousin), Michael (groom), Anthony (best man), Kyle(groom's brother).
Sabrina has good taste! "Pass the goldfishes please."

This is Fred Kusik with three of his sisters (left to right: Kelly, Molly, Maggie). They are Sabrina's cousins & they have 4 more siblings! When I took this, I thought of my own three sisters Nicole, Rachael, & Kelsea. Sure is a blessing to have great sisters!