Thursday, November 23, 2006

Visiting Friends in Missouri

Dave Meyers, his wife Carolyn, and son Brian (my good buddy). Dave is on the development team at the Missionary Training Center. Posted by Picasa

This is my little buddy Jordan Beck...I got to hold him last year when he was only a day old! You're looking at one of the most fortunate kids alive! He's gonna get to grow up in "the bush!"  Posted by Picasa

While in Missouri I got to visit Andy, Lisa, and Micah (Left to right), friends of mine from Camdenton 1st Baptist Church, who are all freshmen at Southwest Baptist University (about an hour from NTM).  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hey look what I found while in Missouri! Wouldn't it be nice to take this to the field? I could use it to haul dirt while building a jungle airstrip. Posted by Picasa

Never knew a Tonka Truck could be so big! Posted by Picasa

Enjoying lunch with my buddy Matt and friends at Colorado Christian University last week. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Finally got to go Elk Hunting

One thing I've missed these last five years is elk hunting in N. Idaho. This has always been a special time for my dad and I. This is during archery season in September. Posted by Picasa

More than half the fun of hunting is riding dirtbikes all over the mountains! The tamarack needles had fallen, turning the trails a bright yellow color. Posted by Picasa

The last three days of our trip, everything was covered in snow!  Posted by Picasa

On our second to last day of rifle season (October 30), we got this nice three-point buck (this is just the antler portion). He was big for a deer, but not quite an elk. A bull elk is about 4 times as big. Still, we had 80 lbs of meat to bring home! Posted by Picasa

I attended Cole Valley Christian School from 6th -9th grade. I was asked to bring the message for their student chapels on October 19. What a privilege to speak to 230 kids about Missions and challenge them to get involved. Posted by Picasa

This is at the MAF open house on Sept. 23. They moved their headquarters from California to Nampa, Idaho. This is the Quest Kodiak, an airplane designed specifically for missionaries to fly in remote places. Maybe some day it will fly me into a tribal village across the world! Posted by Picasa