Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our Wedding

Here's a small look at a few of our pictures from the wedding.

Wedding Party
Shannah's Side: Shannah's 6 sisters, Josh's 3 sisters & Shannah's Good friend
Josh's Side: my dad, my 3 brother-in-laws & 6 of my good buds

Shannah's dad, Mark, did the wedding & we're so glad he did! We'll never forget our ceremony! It was truly a family event!

And now, announcing...!!!!!!!!

Thanks, Brenda, for the amazing cake!!!

Just soaking it up...

Still soaking it up (first dance)...

You should have seen those girls fighting over that bouquet! (way to go Channing!)

I threw 8 garters that I'd caught at previous weddings. Made a bunch of guys happy & cut down on the injuries.

Saying goodbye just before the New Year!

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The way to go!