Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall Activities

This is the view from my office window - the fall colors are in full swing! It's hard sitting at a desk when you're lookin' at this all day.

Shannah & I got an itch to make some homemade pumkin pie. We'll be cooking our own food soon, so we figured we'd get some practice in... Went to a farm on Saturday in search of some pumkins...

Here's a start!

At last, here's our pumpkins! Now we just have to remove all the guts & get to work.

Figured, while we're at it, we might as well do a little carving...

She did tigger & I did one in honor of Jesus, my Savior (although, he looks more American than Hebrew). You know, the 31st is also celebrated as "Reformation Day" - when we celebrate the courage & boldness of those who (many years ago) stood against false doctrines & proclaimed the Gospel of Salvation by Faith alone - reminding us that Jesus Christ alone paid our sin debt.
We get to WALK in the victory that He achieved for us! Amen to that!

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